Genurgic Mods

name Special Ability Halo Tech Index Control Index Cost
Absorption Field Absorb Energy N T7 2 1A, 1S
Accelerated Healing Regeneration N T6 3 1A
Adaptation Implant Adaptation N T7 3 1A
Aggressor Implant See Below N T7 3 1A
Attack Enhancement Multi-Attack N T6 2 1A,1S, ’+SP
Artificial Nervous System Hyper-Agility N T6 ’+3 1A,1S
Assisted Leap Leap N T6 ’+3 1A.1S
Augmented Resistance Energy Resistant N T7 ’+2 1S
Autotrophic Enhancement Autotroph N T7 ’+4 1A
Bioelectric Field Implant Force Field (see below) N T7-10 ’+1 1-6S ’+Flaw
Chameleon Field Mimic N T6 ’+0 1A
Cosmetic Enhancer See Below N T6 ’+3 1A
Defense Chip See Below Y T8 -2 1-2S
Dampening Field Drain Energy (electricity, etc) N T7 -2 1A
Dispersed Control Enhancement Dispersion Y T8 -1 1-2S
Empathic Lace See Below Y T9 ’+3 1S
Energy Fold Particle Energy Control Y T9 -1 1A,1S
Enhanced Constitution Health Bonus N T6 ’+3 2S
Enhanced Musculature Strength Bonus N T6 ’+3 2S
name Special Ability Halo Tech Index Control Index Cost
Enhanced Reflexes Speed Bonus N T6 ’+3 1S
Extendable Limb Extend Limb N T7 ’+3 1S
Extended Lifespan See Below N T8 ’+4 1A.1S
Gills Adaptation (Underwater/Amphibious) N T6 +5 1A
Glide Membrane Glide N T6 +3 1S
Howl Emitter Howl N T6 ’+3 1S
Metabolic Booster See Below N T7 ’+2 1A
Mindscape Implant See Below N T6 ’+3 1A
Nanocells Contact Control N T8 ’+1 1S
Neural Disruption Field Mental Blast Y T7 -1 1 ’+SP
Neurosynthetic Extensors Hyper-Intelligence Y T8 ’+3 1A,3S
Nootropic Gland Mental Resistance N T7 +3 1S
Paralysing Touch Paralyse N T6 -1 1S
Pheromone Synthesis Pheramone Cloud N T6 ’+2 1A,1S
Rejuve See Below N T7 ’+3 1A,1S
Respirocytes See Below N T8 ’+4 1A
Sensory Enhancement Hyper-Sense M T6 ’+3 1A,1S
name Special Ability Halo Tech Index Control Index Cost
Shell Plating Armored N T6 ’+0 1S
Scale Change(larger or Smaller) Body Scale Change N T6 ’+4 1S
Skill Chip See Below Y T8 Var 1S
Special Ops Chip See Below Y T6 Special 1A
Subdermal Holoprojector Image Projection B T7 ’+3 1A,1S
Subdermal PMI See Below Y T8 ’+2 1S
Subdermal Projector Project Energy(specify type and if ranged or melee) N T7 -1 2S
’+Draining Flaw
Subdermal Snare Snare N T7 ’+0 2S
Subdermal Weave See Below B T6 +2 1S
Suction Glands Expert Climber N T6 ’+3 1S
Synaptic Enhancer Increased Skill Cap Y T8 ’+3 1A,1S
Synthetic Musculature Hyper-strength N T8 +3 1A,2S
Tentacles Constrict, Tentacles N T6 ’+4 1A,2S
Transdermal Reinforcement See Below N T7 ’+1 1S
Vampire Implant Drain Energy(Life Drain) N T7 -1 1A
Variable Physiology Density Control N T9 ’+3 1A
Variform Body Plan Variform N T9 ’+3 1A
Venom Injector Poison N T6 -2 1S
Wings Flight N T6 +3 3S ’+Draining Flaw


name Special Ability Permission Tech Index Control Index Cost
Biomed Array See Below N T8 ’+3 2SP
Energy Absorber Absorb Energy N T7 +1 1A,1S
Energy Projector Project Energy Y T7 -1 2S
EVA Harness See Below N T6 ’+3 1S
Poisoned Poison Y T6 -1 1S
PSA See Below N T8 ’+3 1S and/or2SP
Regenerating Ammo See Below N T9 ’+0 1A
Sentient See Below N T8 +4 1A,1+S, 1+SP
Vac Sealed See Below N T6 ’+3 1A
Variform Variform N T9 ’+3 1A

Mechanical Enhancements (PG123)

name Special Ability Halo Tech Index Control Index Cost
Absorption Field Absorb Energy N T7 ’+2 1A,1S
Armor Plating Armored N T4 +0 1S
Built In Weapon See Below N T5 ’+1 1A
Capture Mesh Snare N T6 ’+1 2S
Chameleon Field Mimic N T6 ’+1 2S
Climbing Motile Spider Feet N T5 ’+3 1S
Compact/Dispersed Structure Density Control N T5 ’+4 1A
Competence Subsystem Increased Skill Cap Y T8 ’+4 1A
Control Override Possessor/Puppeteer (other mechanicals only) N T6 ’+3 1S
Crusher Crush N T5 ’+3 1S
Dampening Field Drain Energy (electricity) N T6 ’+3 1S
Defense Subsystem As Defense Chip Above Y T8 -1 1-2S
Direct Interface Contact Control N T6 ’+3 1S
Energy Projector Project Energy (specify type & if close or ranged) N T6 ’+1 2S
Enhanced Neural Net Hyper-Intelligence Y T6 ’+4 1A,1S
Enhanced Sensor Package Hyper-sense N T6 ’+4 1A,1S
Extensible Manipulators Extend Limb N T5 ’+4 1S
Extreme Environment Adaptation Adaptation N T5 ’+4 1A*
Flight Capacity See Below N T6 ’+2 3S
Force Field Generator Force Field N T7-10 ’+2 1-6S
Glide Chute See Below N T5 ’+3 1A
Heat Sink Drain Energy (Heat) N T5 ’+2 1A
Heavy Duty Manipulators Strength Bonus N T5 ’+3 2S
Holoprojector Image Projection Y T6 ’+3 2S
Local Interface Takeover Dispersion Y T8 -1 1S
Mechanical Tentacles Constrict, Tentacles N T5 ’+3 1A,2S
Mindscape Instance See Below Y T6 ’+3 1A
Monitor Band Cloak See “Stealth Gear” Y T6 Special 1S
Multi-Weapon Multi-Attack N T5 ’+1 1A.1S,’+SP
Neural Disruptor Mental Blast Y T6 -1 SP
OverClocking Speed Bonus N T5 ’+3 1S’+Draining Flaw
Particle Grapple Particle Energy Control N T9 ’+1 1A,1A
Rapid Response Reaction Bonus N T5 ’+3 1S
Ray Shielding Energy Resistant (Radiation, Lasers) N T5 ’+3 1S
Scale Increase/Decrease Body Scale Change N T5 ’+4 1A,1S
Structural Reinforcement Health Bonus N T5 ’+4 2S
Special Ops Mindscape Interface See Below Y T6 Special 1A
Variform Hull Variform N T8 ’+4 1A
' * combines with Genotype Aspect


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