Commonality Humans
Mandatory spend: 1 aspect
Humans are the standard genotype of the Expansion-
ary Era. Except for longevity and ethnicity, Commonality
humans are physically little different from our own time.

Chronological Age: 36-65.
Apparent Age: Young adult.
Typical Occupations: Citizen, Culture Agent, Military,
Rogue, Sci Tech, Spacer.
Typical Enhancements: Extended Lifespan.
Mandatory Extras: Mindscape Implant.
Genotype Aspects: You may take a genotype aspect.
The Best That DNA Can Build
Millennia of genurgic improvement means you’re a perfect
specimen of the human species.
Invoke: To use a physical capability, sense, or mental
faculty in a superior fashion.
Compel: To be prejudiced or affected by perceived
genetic inadequacy; to not understand the limitations
of less genurgically-tailored genotypes.

Non-Commonality Humans
Mandatory spend: 1 aspect
Non-Commonality humans run the range of natural human
capabilities, and are rarely the result of genurgic manage-
ment, although some may have enhancements. They have
fewer behavioural restraints and less cultural conditioning
than Commonality humans.
Chronological Age: 25-35.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Civilian, Downtecher, Merchant,
Typical Enhancements: Rejuve.
Mandatory Extras: None.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype

Idiosyncratic Adaptations
Where you come from they do things differently.
Invoke: To come up with a unique and unusual answer
to a problem or adaptation to a circumstance.
Compel: To be unable to handle a situation, as it’s com-
pletely out of your experience.

Humanity has always looked to the animal kingdom for
companionship and aid, domesticating species as desired.
For millennia, the Commonality has created animal com-
panions with human-like intelligence and fully or partially
humanoid body plans: the xenomorphs.
Xenomorphs were traditionally considered property
under Commonality law. The Expansionary Era, with thou-
sands of rediscovered xenomorph and hominid worlds,
has made this a nonsense, and xenomorphs are in a legal
limbo, subject to local custom. Xenomorph communities
exist on the edges of Commonality society, doing menial
jobs, avoiding the attentions of their often arbitrary crea-
tors; yet individual humans often accord xenomorphs
equal status in their families. Some lost colony worlds
(often hominid ones) accept xenomorphs as equal part-
ners; others (usually with little experience of diversity) see
them as animals or even “abominations”. The “Xenomorph
Question” is a burning issue for the Evolutionary Ministry,
and xenomorphs travelling the Commonality face an
unpredictable ride.
Xenomorph characters are uplifted animals, and vary
in appearance from nearly completely animal to almost
entirely human. Known as genotype divergence (GD), this
variation is measured on the ladder (page 12), from -4 to 4
(with -4 being indistinguishable from the original animal,
and +4 being indistinguishable from human).
To create a xenomorph character, select an animal
genotype and its genotype divergence and note it on your
character sheet (usually with its genotype aspect). This
helps you describe its appearance and actions: a GD (-2)
cetacean is still mostly dolphin, whereas a GD (
2) one is
very humanoid, though with obvious cetacean features
such as rubbery grey skin, blowhole, and streamlined
physique. Xenomorphs with a GD below (-3) or above (+3)
are casually indistinguishable from the original animal or

human genotypes. GD may also be a bonus or penalty
to certain dice rolls; for example, if you’re a GD (-2) feline
xenomorph, you may incur a 2 penalty to Rapport rolls
when trying to get by on a world where xenomorphs don’t
enjoy full rights.
Before the Expansionary Era, xenomorphs had no
access to anagathics, and had tragically short lives. Since
the Xeno Wars (page 282), the situation has been cha

otic, but Sentient Alliance scientists are now developing
longevity treatments with some success. Outside the Alli-
ance, many xenomorphs remain downtrodden, resentful,
even rebellious.
The following entries detail key xenomorph types
— there are many more. In addition to genurgic enhance-
ments, xenomorphs may select certain natural abilities
(page 400), like Jumper for pithecines, some of which may
be mandatory.

Mandatory spend: 2 aspects, 1 stunt
Canids are derived from Old Earth wolves and dogs. Enthu-
siastic, loyal, and with a strong pack instinct, their relatively
short natural lifespans mean they’re often keen seekers of
longevity treatments.
Chronological Age: 15-20.
Apparent Age: Aging adult.
Typical Occupations: Merc, Scavenger, Zealot.
Typical Enhancements: Ranged Combat Skill Chip.
Mandatory Extras: Enhanced Sense (Smell)*.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
You’re loyal to your leader or cause, come what may.
Invoke: To excel on behalf of your leader or cause.
Compel: To do what your leader or cause demands,
even if it hurts you.
Your enthusiasm often gets the better of you.
Invoke: To act decisively, gain the drop on someone.
Compel: To rush in when caution would be better.
I Really Love Doing This!
Whatever it is, if your leader wants you to do it, you really
love doing it!
Invoke: To excel at something from sheer enthusiasm;
sway someone with your infectious enthusiasm.
Compel: To carry on doing something when you should
really stop.

Mandatory spend: 3 aspects, 1 stunt
Cetaceans are derived from Old Earth dolphins, orcas, and
whales. They’re also known as swimmers.
Chronological Age: 50-100.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Ambassador, Colonist, Space
Force Marine, Spacer.
Typical Enhancements: EVA Harness or Grav Pack,
Mindscape Implant, Pilot Skill Chip.
Mandatory Extras: Active Sonar*, Aquatic*.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
You’re gregarious, friendly, and curious.
Invoke: To strike up a positive relationship with some-
Compel: To be taken for a ride, be naive, fall for some-
one’s deceit.
Sometimes your friendliness strays into mischief.
Invoke: To gain a Rapport bonus to entertain, humour,
distract or befriend someone.

Compel: To make a joke or play a prank at the wrong
moment; get into trouble playing the fool.
At Home in Zero Grav
Your ancestors swam in the oceans of Old Earth; now, the
oceans of space are your playground.
Invoke: To be agile and dexterous when making zero-G
Compel: To feel clumsy on land.

Mandatory spend: 1 aspect, 1 stunt
Felines are derived from the great cats of Old Earth. They’re
carnivores, with excellent reflexes and hunting instincts,
and innate grace and confidence.
Chronological Age: 16-25.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Assassin, Explorer, Starship Pilot.
Typical Enhancements: Mindscape Implant, Personal
Sensor Array, Pilot Skill Chip.
Mandatory Extras: Hyper-Reflexes*.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Sensuous Movements
Your sleek body moves with innate grace, capturing every-
one’s attention.
Invoke: To gain a bonus on Rapport or Deceive rolls,
look attractive, gain someone’s favour; be naturally
Compel: To stand out in company, attract attention.
What’s that? No, not that — that! Here — let me see!
Invoke: To gain a bonus when researching or inves-
tigating something, spot something you wouldn’t
normally notice.
Compel: To poke your nose in where you really
I’ll Do It My Way!
You’re independent-minded: you may not know what you
like, but you’ll make your own mind up!
Invoke: To take the initiative, excel when you’re on
your own.
Compel: To be a poor team-player, have trouble fol-
lowing instructions, choose the worse option out of

Mandatory spend: 1 aspect, 2 stunts
Pithecines derive from Old Earth gorillas, bonobos, and
chimps. Gregarious and dexterous, they fit in well with
human societies.
Chronological Age: 16-25.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Belter, Military, Technician.
Typical Enhancements: Aggressor Implant, Engineer-
ing Skill Chip, Mindscape Implant.
Mandatory Extras: Expert Climber*, Jumper*.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Sudden Burst of Speed
You can move with lightning speed.
Invoke: To dodge an object, run incredibly fast, surprise
Compel: To startle someone, accidentally give away
your presence.
Fond of Hierarchies
You’re never happier than when you know who’s boss, and
who you can boss around.
Invoke: To be efficient in a leadership role, or follow
orders where there’s a strong hierarchy.

Compel: To have difficulty taking the initiative,
become nervous or ineffective when it’s not clear
who’s in charge.
Can I Try That?
Watching other people do stuff is so interesting… you’re
sure you can do it, too.
Invoke: To assist someone or learn from someone
Compel: To get in someone’s way, be overbearing,

Mandatory spend: 2 aspects, 1 stunt
Ursoids are derived from the black, brown, and polar bears
of Old Earth.
Chronological Age: 25-35.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: ASI Trooper, Colonist (Heavy
labour), Gangster, Space Force Marine.
Typical Enhancements: Defence Chip, Mindscape
Implant, Transdermal Reinforcement.
Mandatory Extras: Large*.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Bull in a China Shop
You’re enormous, and massively strong. Fragile things
don’t stand a chance.
Invoke: To smash things, break doors, bonds, etc.
Compel: To accidentally smash something, trip an
alarm, make a noise.
Bear With a Sore Head
You can be… irascible.
Invoke: To terrify someone by roaring at them, win an
argument without saying anything, force someone to
back down, get someone’s attention.
Compel: To be offensive or insulting, or fail abysmally
when trying to be nice.
Eats Anything
You’re descended from omnivores. You might not know
whether you can eat it, but you’ll try.
Invoke: To forage easily, have no trouble eating “for-
eign” or exotic food, wrestle down things which most
people would consider toxic or disgusting.
Compel: To eat something that’s going to do you no
good, or that wasn’t even supposed to be food; be
unable to resist eating something that looks tasty,
whatever the consequences; make a pig of yourself.

Synthetics are artificial life forms, from entirely mechani-
cal to entirely biological, though the distinction is often
blurred; the key is that synthetics are made, not born.
Commonality synthetics are as intelligent as they need to
be: intelligence is easily created, and synthetics with higher
than human intelligence operate starships, space stations,
habitats, and even entire worlds.
Your synthetic character is an eidolon, with a personal-
ity derived from a thanogram, the memory and personality
engram of a deceased individual stored in the Mindscape
(see Chapter 11: The Mindscape). Eidolons are Common-
ality citizens; they’re most definitely not the same person
as the original whose thanogram they derive from, but are
instead imperfect copies with many shared memories, new
and unique individuals in their own right. Many eidolons
revere their source personalities as “parental” figures, and
some even display religious feelings.
Synthetics usually hail from the Commonality culture,
although some neo-cultures support them. Rarely,
synthetics may come from advanced lost colonies or
rediscovered worlds.
Synthetics come in three types: mechanicals, organics,
and installations.
Mandatory spend: 2 aspects
Mechanicals are predominantly or entirely composed of
inorganic materials, powered by zero point cells. They
look like the classic robot, although strictly speaking a
mechanical is an eidolon and a robot is a basic. Generally
humanoid or vehicle-shaped, mechanicals are employed
for ruggedness and endurance, and include attack droids,
hazmat or industrial processing synthetics, and alien envi-
ronment explorers.
Chronological Age: Not significant except as descrip-
tor. Mechanicals use the “Maintenance” rules (page 179).
Typical Occupations: ASI Trooper, Belter, Deep Space
Explorer, Technician.
Typical Enhancements: Direct Interface, Mindscape
Mandatory Extras: Extreme Environment Adaptation.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Artificial Mechanical Life Form
You’re not flesh and bone, but metal and circuits. This com-
bines with your extreme environment adaptation.
Invoke: To be robust, go without rest, not require
oxygen or normal life-support.
Compel: To have difficulty understanding humans and
other organics, not detect changes to the environment
which don’t affect you.

Mandatory spend: 2 aspects
The term “organic” is often used to refer to naturally-born
sentient beings as well as synthetics, though thanks to
in vitro reproduction in the Commonality the distinc-
tion isn’t always clear. Properly speaking, organics are
synthetics with a majority of organic components; they
may have varying body plans, and are less rugged than
mechanicals. They include multi-service synthetics such
as domestics and sanitationals, and those tasked with
interpersonal duties. Some ship’s avatars choose organics
for their housings.
Chronological Age: 30-50.
Apparent Age: Mature being.
Typical Occupations: CORESEC Enforcer, CORESPAN
Operative, Synthetic Colony Administrator.
Typical Enhancements: Autotrophic Enhancement,
Cosmetic Enhancer, Variform Body Plan.
Mandatory Extras: Mindscape Implant.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Ghost in the Flesh
This shell is flesh and blood — but you’re so much more.
Invoke: To draw on experience from your thanogram
source, have weird physiological abilities, adapt to the
Compel: To be weirdly inhuman, experience dyspho-
ria, have difficulty empathising with natural or artficial
lifeforms; get lost in memories not your own.

Mandatory spend: 2 aspects
Installations are large-scale synthetics like starship
sentiences, node minds (inhabiting global Mindscape
instances, etc), and corpuses (operating buildings). Many
installations are sufficiently advanced that they have addi-
tional posthuman builds (page 448).
Installations use construct skills and stunts from
Chapter 12: Constructs instead of Chapter 6: Skills and
Stunts. You also have an additional systems stress track,
and take construct actions. See “Creating Constructs” (page
196) for more.
Chronological Age: Not significant except as descrip-
tor. Installations use the “Maintenance” rules (page 179).
Typical Occupations: Node Mind, Sentient Starship,
Space Force Mediator.
Typical Enhancements: Avatar, Enhanced Neural Net,
Variform Hull.
Mandatory Extras: Mindscape Instance.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Exotic Transhuman Intelligence
You’re so far beyond what most people consider alive
that you’re forging your own path. Who knows what you
might become?
Invoke: To make a huge intuitive leap, make brilliant
deductions, deal with concepts beyond the human norm.
Compel: To be unable to connect with humans and
other organics or understand their motives, experience
dysphoria from your thanogram memories.

Hominids (Homo Variens)
Hominids derive from human stock which through
genurgy or genetic drift have become separate species
or subspecies. They’re the most numerous form of “alien”
in Mindjammer — and certainly those which interact
most with humans. Some are far removed from their
human ancestors. Four hominid species — the Javawayn,
Chembu, Hydragand-Dezimeer, and Viri — are intro-
duced below; you can find others in Chapter 24: The
Darradine Rim

Mandatory spend: 3 aspects
The Chembu are genurgists — specialists in genurgic
enhancement — and the managers of the Chembu
Genurgy Corporacy (page 293). Their homeworld is an
oceanworld inhabited by a bizarre organic global Mind-
scape analogue, which welcomed the original colonists
(after some horrific initial misunderstandings) into its

“mass mind”. Known as the Planetary Intelligence or just
Chembu, it’s connected to the Mindscape, although its
thoughts are too alien for most people.
Before the colonists’ arrival, the Planetary Intelligence
lived by genurgically modifying its environment. The
Chembu hominids now have a symbiotic relationship with
it, a phenomenon with significant philosophical ramifica-
tions. It has sensory, communication, and manipulative
organs best described as “psionic”, whose powers the
Chembu have been unable to replicate.
The Chembu themselves are genurgically-enhanced
waterworld dwellers. They appear “streamlined”, with
hairless, dolphin-like skin, lungs and gills, and other modi-
fications. When creating a Chembu character, you may use
your character aspects, skills, and stunts to buy genurgic
enhancements as well as your extras budget.
Chronological Age: 40-60+.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Corporacy Mercantilist, Diplo-
mat, Genurgist.
Typical Enhancements: Extended Lifespan.
Mandatory Extras: Gills, Mindscape Implant.
Flaw: Weakness to Hot, Dry Conditions.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 of these.
Commune With the Planetary Intelligence
Chembu is Mother, Chembu is Father, Chembu is All. No
human can understand the all-encompassing love that is
commune with the Planetary Intelligence.
Invoke: To succeed at a recovery obstacle for a con-
sequence caused by mental stress; resist coercion or
intimidation; gain knowledge from the Planetary Intel-
ligence (similar to exomemory — see page 188).
Compel: To be lost or susceptible to coercion or
suggestion when out of contact with the Planetary
Intelligence; be lost within or distracted by the Plan-
etary Intelligence massmind.
The Individual Is Nothing: the Group Mind Is All
You may look like an individual, but you’re not. There is
only one Chembu.
Invoke: To gain strength from the knowledge that
you’re not alone; share knowledge, feelings, percep-
tions; communicate effortlessly with Chembu.
Compel: To have difficulty understanding individual-
ism; act counter to your own individual interests if it
benefits Chembu; be distracted by the Group Mind.
Nature Is to Be Improved Upon!
The Planetary Intelligence improved you; now it’s your mis-
sion to improve the cosmos, one being at a time.
Invoke: To find and take advantage of flaws in a
naturally evolved being; gain a bonus when creating,
understanding, or repairing a genurgic modification.

Compel: To act superior to lesser beings; stumble upon
a flaw in yourself; point out a flaw in others, or attempt
to fix it.

While naturally evolved life forms generally have
stable body plans, perhaps changing shape slowly
over their lifetimes, synthetics have no such restric-
tions. Mechanicals, organics, and installations
(including starships) routinely possess the ability
to reconfigure their physical shape to suit their cur-
rent activity. This may mean becoming taller and
shorter, wider and narrower, smaller and larger; or
even transforming from, say, a combat mechanical
blistering with weaponry to a sleek flyer with a full
passenger component.
See the Variform special ability (page 112), the
Variform Body Plan and Variform Hull enhance-
ments in Chapter 8: Technology, and the Malle-
able Body natural ability in Chapter 21: Alien Life

Mandatory spend: 2 aspects, 1 stunt
The Javawayn are low-gravity hominids with no known
homeworld. Inhabitants of gigantic spacefaring vessels
known as star cities, they have little experience of planetary
life. They’re short, emaciated humanoids with large heads,
prehensile feet, and brittle bones, highly susceptible to blows,
kinetic weapons, and standard gravity and above. Dwelling
in 0.3G or less, they’re known throughout the Commonality;
even before the Expansionary Era they had a relativistic inter-
stellar drive, now mostly updated with Commonality planing
engines, although the more traditionalist star cities still travel
slower-than-light. They journey throughout the Fringe and
Core Worlds, providing excellent shipyards, luxury interstel-
lar hotels, and “cruise ships”. Javawayn venturing briefly into
environments higher than 0.3G use grav harnesses.
The Javawayn operate the Javawayn Industries corpo-
racy (page 294), manufacturing grav suspensors and hulls
for zero-G habitats, starships, orbitals, and plateworlds.
Chronological Age: 30-50.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Corporacy Mercantilist, Negotia-
tor, Starship Pilot.
Typical Enhancements: Avatar, Extended Lifespan,
Pilot Skill Chip.
Mandatory Extras: Small*, Highly Adapted (Zero-G)*.
Genotype Aspects: You may take 1 or more genotype
Love of Negotiated Profit
The Corporacy runs in your blood; you strive to enhance its
prestige and wealth — and your own!
Invoke: To gain a bonus in business, negotiations, or
trade deals; be knowledgeable about business in the
Commonality; appraise the value of something.
Compel: To be greedy, hold out for more, become unin-
terested if there’s “nothing in it for you”.

H Y D R AG A N D – D E Z I M E E R
Mandatory spend: 3 aspects, 2 stunts
The Hydragand-Dezimeer are two radically divergent homi-
nid subspecies locked in a strange symbiosis. Originally
from a lost colony located in the Xi Auri Perseus proto-
planetary disk, they appear to have undergone extreme
genurgic enhancement millennia ago. The Hydragand are
particle harvesters with stony vacuum-sealed carapaces,
who float free in the belts, collecting hydrogen and other
molecules in naturally-generated magnetic fields and
returning them to the Dezimeer — large, slow-moving
metabolisers dwelling beneath magnetic sheaths on the
surface of planetesimals — who use them in complex

metabolic activity to process and reconfigure local material
and incubate new generations of Hydragand. Their “tech-
nology” is bizarrely organic — almost agricultural.
On first contact, it was almost impossible to believe the
Hydragand-Dezimeer were hominids at all. These exotic
homo variens are now found throughout Commonality
Space in asteroid belts and protoplanetary disks; the Mor-
bius Metals corporacy (page 294) has even launched a class
of mining vessels tailored to their needs (page 232).
Hydragand characters are created like any other;
Dezimeer should be treated either as starship extras for a
Hydragand character, or as construct characters: they’re
usually ship-bound, using avatars for non-ship activities.
Chronological Age: 25-35 (Hydragand); 50-70 (Dez-
Apparent Age: Mature adult (though it’s difficult to say).
Typical Occupations: Belter, Colonist.
Typical Enhancements: Avatar (Dezimeer), Mindscape
Mandatory Extras: Highly Adapted (Vacuum)*, Energy
Fold, Shell Plating.
Genotype Aspects: You must take the following geno-
type aspect.
xotic Vacuum Symbiote
You’re not truly complete if you’re alone — and when
you’re around other humans, you certainly feel that way.
Invoke: To gain a bonus to intimidate or impress
someone; be strong, have great mental and physical
endurance; endure isolation, especially in space; to be
at home in zero gravity.
Compel: To feel alienated and alone without contact
with others of your kind; be physically and socially
clumsy around people, or in gravity fields.

Mandatory spend: 2 aspects
The Viri are hominids native to a dry, cold world of the same
name. They have pale green colouration and dry, almost
reptilian skin. For hominids, they’re very alien: reserved,
logical, sometimes arrogant and inhuman, they neverthe-
less make splendid artists — Viri music and architecture are
known throughout the Commonality. Viri are natural schol-
ars, excelling in science, academics, and engineering: their
scientists have made several major innovations, and many
Commonality starships employ Viri doctors, engineers, and
science officers.

Chronological Age: 50-60.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Artist, Meditech, Scientist, Star-
ship Engineer.
Typical Enhancements: Extended Lifespan.
Mandatory Extras: Mindscape Implant.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Natural Artist and Logician
You effortlessly perceive the natural order of the cosmos —
and want to convey that to those you meet.
Invoke: To grasp patterns and concepts quickly, think
logically, create expressive works of art.
Compel: To be annoyed by irrational behaviour or
thought; be distracted; appear disconcerting, analytical,
alien, or just plain unfriendly.

Even More Alien
The alien intelligences given here are the ones that
are most similar and comprehensible to Commonal-
ity citizens. There are others, so drastically removed
from Commonality norms that people have difficul-
ty even beginning to comprehend them — indeed,
the jury is still out as to whether some of them are
intelligent at all. For more on the truly alien aliens of
Mindjammer, see “Exointelligence” (page 406)

Few people realised that extra-terrestrials would be so
alien. In all the First Age of Space, Old Earth never heard
back from any slowships which had contacted alien intel-
ligences, and the prevailing orthodoxy was that humankind
was alone, at least in this part of the galaxy (dubious signals
received from the direction of Andromeda, and ambiguous
chatter from the 8th Millennium Deep Space Probes before
they mysteriously went offline were never considered con-
clusive). First Contact therefore came as a surprise.
The more the Commonality expands, the more alien
species it encounters. As yet, none has been advanced
enough to pose a threat, and Commonality researchers
have many theories to explain this situation, all as provi-
sional as the previous “Just Us” orthodoxy. The Custodians
of the Commonality acknowledge this might not always be
the case and, after the Venu, the Commonality is cautious
when encountering alien life.
Significant alien species in Commonality Space include
the Hooyow or “War Monsters”; the Lowhigh or “Listen-
ers”, described below; and the Planetary Intelligence,
described in the section on the Chembu, above. Several
species native to the Darradine Rim (such as the Singers
of Zvukimu and the Mozgooms of Drefnia) are presented
in Chapter 24: The Darradine Rim. Opinion is divided
whether the strange interstellar phenomena known as
“Pulse Dragons” constitute a life form at all, let alone a
sentient one.

Mandatory spend: 1 aspect, 2 stunts
The Hooyow, or “War Monsters”, are violent hexapedal
aliens. Contacted only fifty years ago, little is known about
them. They have three walking “modes” (two-legged,
four-legged, six-legged), are cannibalistic, and like fighting;
they’re intelligent, technologically primitive, and short-lived,
with a violent world-view. Their homeworld, dubbed Val-
halla (page 382) is quarantined, but specialist Hooyow serve
the Commonality as soldiers or martial arts instructors.
Hooyow interaction is governed by a complex behav-
ioural code the Commonality calls “honour”. Decisions are

based on hierarchical intimidation and short, non-lethal
duels rather than discussion.
Hooyow society lacks fire- and metals-based technol-
ogy (tech index T0); create Valhallan Hooyow characters
accordingly. Hooyow in Commonality service (informally
known as Valkyrie) seem to be adapting native Hooyow
practices to the higher tech Commonality environment.
Chronological Age: 15-20.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.
Typical Occupations: Barbarian, Downtecher, Military.
Typical Enhancements: Jumper*, Multiple Natural
Weapons*, Spider Climb*.
Mandatory Extras: Expert Climber*, Natural Armour*.
Flaw: Weakness to Fire.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Eat Your Foe and Take His Strength
You honour your vanquished foe when you devour his
body and take his strength within you!
Invoke: To intimidate others in battle, feel emboldened
to attack or resist pain or damage.
Compel: To disgust civilised beings, become distracted
in combat.
You Slight My Honour!
You do not feast with me? You wish to talk instead of fight-
ing to decide this question?
Invoke: To gain a bonus because your honour is at
stake; believe you are absolutely right; be massively
Compel: To take violent offence at the most bizarre
of pretexts; attack someone apparently without
Your chitinous body was never designed to survive the
corrosive rains of your homeworld long. But you will burn
Invoke: To act decisively, enjoy the here and now, gain
bonuses to reach decisions or move quickly.
Compel: To be impetuous, headlong, innocent, naive; not
think of your own safety (or that of your companions!).

Mandatory spend: 3 aspects, 2 stunts
The Lowhigh, or “Listeners”, are a species of mysterious,
mystical “space gypsies”. They have no vocal organs, and
no eyes; what appear to be two enormous “ears” are in
fact infrared receptors. When humans first met them, the
Lowhigh seemed to be constantly listening for something
— hence their epithet. Unlike the Hooyow, the Lowhigh
are spacefarers, sailing great, majestic lightjammers (page
246), and are found on several worlds. They are 2.5 metres
tall, with five hundred-year lifespans. Their dark homeworld
orbits a brown dwarf known as “Shrine”.
The Lowhigh are very alien. They seem barely interested
in humans or the Commonality. Their worlds have high
atmospheric helium and background radiation, suggesting
an industrialised, fusion-powered past; but their societies
are largely non-technological (except for the lightjammers),
and the Lowhigh remain tight-lipped.
Lowhigh communicate via fluctuating heat patterns
in their large, screen-like “ears”, requiring a synthetic
interpreter (hand scanners work; a synthetic with infrared
receptors and emitters is better). Humans with IR goggles
can learn to “read” Lowhigh infra-speech, but reproducing it
is impossible without equipment.
Chronological Age: 150-200.
Apparent Age: Mature adult.

Typical Occupations: Ambassador, Contact Specialist,
Starship Pilot.
Typical Enhancements: Speaker Drone, Enthral*.
Mandatory Extras: Enhanced Sense (Infrared Vision),
Sixth Sense
Flaw: Blind and Deaf.
Genotype Aspects: You must take at least 1 genotype
Uninterested in Human Affairs
Who knows what the Lowhigh think about, out among the
Invoke: To resist distraction, concentrate on a task at
hand, be dispassionate and objective.
Compel: To be unable to focus on a matter of impor-
tance to others; not understand correct behaviour or
the complexities of a situation.
Silent, Inscrutable Mystics
The Lowhigh don’t make a sound, and yet they’re speaking
all the time. What about?
Invoke: To communicate without seeming to, be myste-
rious and confusing, impress or intimidate.
Compel: To appear aloof or arrogant; be unable to get
your point across.
Our Past Is Not Your Affair
Something happened in the Lowhigh past, which left most
of their planet a blasted wasteland and sent them hunting
among the stars for… what?
Invoke: To know unusual things about weapons,
technologies, the galaxy, aliens, rogue planets, science;
resist attempts to make you “speak”.
Compel: To appear unfriendly; be troubled by some
seemingly ordinary event; be haunted by guilt.


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