Special abilities are abstract extras used to describe how
you can do cool things using these rules. They’re abstract in
the sense that they contain no descriptive chrome; instead,
they provide the mechanical “backbone” for other extras
— genurgic mods, mechanical or virtual enhancements,
equipment, and the natural abilities of organic beings.
They’re referenced extensively in Chapter 8: Technology
and Chapter 21: Alien Life.
Use these abilities to create your own extras, either by
selecting one or more special abilities and giving them
a descriptive gloss (making them into, say, a genurgic
enhancement, mutation, piece of equipment, etc); or by
using them as templates to create new special abilities.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
You can absorb one energy type — heat, kinetic, gravity,
sound, radiation, etc — selected when you take the ability. As
a stunt, you gain an armour:2 rating against that energy type.
Invoke: To create or increase passive opposition, rep-
resenting sudden cold, lack of gravity, soundlessness,
etc; gain a bonus on a Project Energy attack; boost your
ability to resist the energy.
Compel: To inadvertently absorb energy.
Costs 1 aspect
You’re adapted to function in an additional environment,
selected when you take the ability. Environments include:
extreme heat or cold, corrosive / acidic / insidious environ-
ments, high / low gravity, high / low ambient pressure (gas
or liquid), radiation (various types), liquid, vacuum, electri-
cally charged, amphibious, and so on.
Invoke: To know about the environment, operate
easily in it, exploit its features to put others at a disad-
Compel: To be at a disadvantage in radically different
environments, or be otherwise disadvantaged by your
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a natural armour:2 rating.
Costs 1 aspect (usually genotype)
You can synthesise your own food. Describe the energy
source you need to do this; sunlight, proximity to magnetic
fields, a ZIP cell, heat, etc (see “Metabolic Bases”, page 390).
Invoke: To survive without food.
Compel: To become weakened when the environment
prevents you from synthesising food; be unable to
understand or partake in the pleasures of eating.
Requires Variform or genotype permission
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
You’re 1 point of scale (page 174) larger or smaller than
usual, giving you the associated benefits and penalties, as
well as the bonuses below.
As a stunt, gain a +2 Stealth bonus when your small scale
helps you hide and sneak.
Invoke: To be unobtrusive, present a smaller target,
appear unthreatening, squeeze into small spaces; move
stealthily or with agility.
Compel: To find equipment is too big; be ineffec-
tive at intimidating; for people to underestimate you
or take you for a child; be socially disadvantaged or
ignored; suffer increased effects from alcohol, poison,
or wounds.
As a stunt, gain a +2 Provoke bonus when your large scale
helps you appear overbearing and threatening.
Invoke: To be highly visible, get a good viewpoint,
appear dangerous, impressive, get the drop on some-
one, do massive damage with a smashing weapon.
Compel: To be unable to wear normal clothes or armour
or use normal equipment; be unable to pass through a
restricted space, or become trapped; be highly visible
and unable to move stealthily; to be clumsy.
If you also have the Variform special ability (page
112), you may change your scale up or down by 1 step.
This requires one scene, and may be part of a create an
advantage roll.
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 bonus for attacks with tentacles, bear hug, etc.
Costs 1 stunt
You can control equipment by touch, ie via nanocell or
direct mechanical interface. This replicates some technopsi

functions, but is more limited. You can control Mindscape-
enabled devices without the Mindscape (and therefore
without being detectable via Mindscape), even when
there’s no Mindscape present. You must have physical con-
tact with an item’s control surface; a create an advantage
Technical action may rig a temporary one.
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 attack bonus vs grappled or immobilised targets.
Requires Variform or genotype permission
Costs 1 aspect
You can increase or decrease your density; you must have a
body structure which allows this. This may make you harder
to hit or damage.
Invoke: To resist damage, reduce or increase body scale
and diffuseness to be more threatening, less heavy, etc.
Compel: To be too heavy or too light; be disrupted by
wind, fall through the floor.
Costs 1 stunt
You can control multiple (usually synthetic) extensions to
your body, over and above any combat or sensor drones.
Under the right conditions, you can make your surround-
ings seem to come alive.
For a fate point, make a single skill roll using the physi-
cal form of one or more Mindscape-linked items in your
zone, which may resist, plus 1 zone per additional fate
point. You may attack, defend, create an advantage, etc.
Costs 1 aspect
You can drain one energy type — heat, nuclear power,
metabolic energy, electricity, etc — from a target, which
you must specify when you take the extra.
Invoke: To render inactive a device or object pow-
ered by that energy; attack (usually unarmed, may be
ranged) to drain energy.
Compel: To be overcome by an energy surge; be
affected by shielding affecting the energy; become
weak when deprived of the energy source.
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 bonus to resist an energy type — heat, radia-
tion, blasters, etc — which you must specify when you
take the extra.
Costs 1 aspect
Your appearance, movement, voice, etc, captivates and
holds the attention of a particular type of target. You must

specify the action you take and the target type it affects
when you take the extra.
Invoke: To make it easier for you to persuade, influence,
or intimidate a target; or distract or hold its attention.
Compel: To attract unwanted attention to yourself;
distract someone at a critical moment.
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 bonus to overcome and create advantage actions
when climbing.
Costs 1 stunt
Your limbs are extensible, either by organic “stretching”
or telescoping technological structures. Your Unarmed
Combat or Melee Combat attacks have a range of 1.
Costs 3 stunts
You can fly. Use Athletics to make movement actions in the
air, ignoring ground-based opposition from subjects which
can’t fly. You may perform the same actions as Drive, but
using Athletics; you’re effectively your own vehicle. Gain an
additional free zone of movement, and move and attack a
target up to 2 zones away.
Costs 1-6 stunts
You’re protected by a force field, providing a defend bonus
against physical attacks and absorbing 1 or more conse-
quences as shown in Table 7-1: Force Field Protection.

Costs 1 stunt
You can make movement actions using Athletics through
the air between points, as long as your destination is lower
than your starting point. The minimum horizontal distance
glided is the vertical distance descended.
Costs 1 stunt
You can make a target hallucinate, giving you a +2 bonus
on Provoke attacks and create advantage rolls.

Costs 2 stunts
Gain a +2 bonus to rolls to resist disease, poison, etc. You
may also take one additional mild consequence.
Costs 1 stunt
Use Provoke against every creature in your zone, plus 1
zone per fate point expended. This is an area effect (page
175). It doesn’t affect your allies, but does affect neutral
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
Gain a +2 bonus on any Athletics rolls requiring physical
Invoke: To outperform unenhanced human abilities.
Compel: To stand out in a crowd by appearing almost
supernaturally graceful.

Costs 1 aspect, 3 stunts
Gain a +2 bonus on any Knowledge, Science, or Technical
roll where reasoning power is the determining factor.
Invoke: To gain an insight an order of magnitude
greater than normal human capability.
Compel: To have trouble understanding or relating to
unenhanced minds.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
One of your senses — hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch
— is enhanced far beyond normal human capabilities,
selected when you take the ability. This isn’t simply good
eyesight, etc: you can see in the infrared, have telescopic
/ microscopic vision, hear sonar, etc. You gain a +2 Investi-
gate or Notice bonus when using that sense.
Invoke: To perceive something not normally possible
by virtue of your enhanced sense; gain a bonus where
your hypersense gives you an advantage.
Compel: Your sensory input is overloaded, or your
hypersense puts you at a disadvantage.

Costs 1 aspect, 2 stunts
You’re incredibly strong. Gain a 2 bonus to Physique rolls,
and a weapon:2 rating on Unarmed Combat and Melee
Combat attacks.
Invoke: To lift or move things up to the limit of your
physical frame in mass.
Compel: To not know your own strength.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
You can project a 3D image perceptible to visible light.
This is not a hallucination; usually it’s a hologram or similar
visual phenomenon. You can use Will to create such images
as advantages.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
You transcend the human skill cap by 1 level, up to Epic
7) without Mindscape access and Legendary (8) with.
There are higher levels; see also “Going ‘Post’” (page 447).
The aspect cost represents the posthuman aspect you
must take at the same time.
_Costs 1
skill points_
You carry a disease or infection and can infect a target by
touch or at range; the target resists with Physique. Damage
is physical stress damage; any consequences infect the
target with the disease (page 177).
Costs 1 stunt
You can use Unarmed Combat to inject a target with an
“egg” on any consequence — a self-replicating assembly

of cells, mechanical components, or Mindscape / virtual
analogues. The egg is 1 scale (page 174) smaller than you.
Unless removed, the consequence may be compelled in
a subsequent scene for the “egg” to grow and hatch. A
hatched egg becomes a parasite, making Parasitise attacks
(page 111) at Average (1) for a mild consequence egg, Fair
2) for moderate, and Good (3) for severe.
Costs 1 stunt
You have a horrific or highly threatening appearance or
behaviour. Gain a +2 bonus to Provoke attacks and create
an advantage actions when used to instill fear.
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 bonus to overcome and create advantage actions
when jumping.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
You are 100 years older than the default character age
(page 37); gain an additional 5 skill points, and make one
of your aspects into a longevity aspect. Commonality
organic characters can expend up to 6 points of refresh on
this ability, each time giving you an extra century of life
and five more skill points; at the GM’s discretion, synthetic
characters may have no such limitation.
_Costs 1
skill points_
Projects a field of gauss energy and microwaves, overload-
ing the target’s synapses, doing mental stress damage and
causing confusion, unconsciousness, and brain damage at
extreme intensities.
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a 2 bonus to resist mental stress attacks and over-
come mental consequence recovery obstacles.
Requires permission
_Costs 1 aspect, 1
skill points_
Provides a Meteorurgy skill allowing you to change the
weather. Changing weather in your zone to an adjacent
condition is Fair (2) opposition, taking 1 scene. Adjacent
conditions include: sunny to overcast, overcast to precipi-
tating, hot to warm, cold to freezing. Weather conditions
are confined to those possible for the environment. Each
further shift in weather conditions takes 1 additional
scene and increases the passive opposition by +2.
Costs 1 aspect
You can mimic another creature’s sensory profile for one
sense — the sounds it makes, the scents it emits, its appear-
ance, etc — specified when you take the extra. You may
purchase this extra multiple times.
Invoke: To gain a bonus on Deceive rolls, etc, where
physical or audio mimicry is important; automatically
pass casual inspection as the entity you’re mimicking.
Compel: To inadvertently mimic an entity during a
time of stress; have an unidentifiable sensory profile
for machines or devices (ie your voiceprint does not
register, etc).
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt, plus 1 skill per additional attack
You have multiple attack skills which can contribute to
your attack action. You may have three Unarmed Combat
skills (say, Punch, Kick, and Throw), two Ranged Combat
skills (say, Blaster Rifle and Grenade Launcher), two Melee
Combat skills (say, two Energy Blades), or a combination.
Take an aspect to reflect this (Attacks With Teeth and Claws,
Bristling With Weapons). In an exchange, select one attack
skill as your main attack skill; each of your other attack
skills provides a teamwork bonus (page 159) to the main
skill, and allows you to attack one additional target.
This is a multiple target attack (page 175): you may
divide your attack dice roll result between the targets how-
ever you want. Any weapon ratings are applied after the
success or failure of each attack has been determined.
For example: the Combatechnologies Robust Defender
combat drone has the Bristling With Weapons aspect, and
spends 4 skill points on 2 separate Average (
1) Melee Combat
and 2 Average (+1) Ranged Combat skills. It’s armed with
twin weapon:1 blasters. It gains a +3 teamwork bonus to one
attack, and may divide its attack roll result between up to 4
separate targets. It applies the weapon:1 rating to the two tar-
gets it attacks with its blasters (these may be the same target).
Costs 1 stunt
Use Unarmed Combat, Ranged Combat, etc, to create a
Paralysed-type advantage on a target.

Costs 1 skill, 1 aspect
You’re a parasite “living” on a host, which must be at
least 1 scale larger than you. You have an aspect (often a
consequence created by the Inject Parasite special ability,
page 110), and a Parasitise skill with a rating based on the
consequence severity. You usually attack once per scene for
physical parasites, or once per scene or exchange for Mind-
scape ones, inflicting stress or mild consequences; parasites
don’t usually aim to kill their hosts. Attacks are resisted by
the target’s Physique (or Will for Mindscape targets), or by
the Technical skill of an attending meditech. Attempts to
remove the parasite are made by Technical, and the para-
site resists by attacking its host on each attempt.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
You control one type of energy — electricity, gravity,
magnetism, photons (light and darkness), radiation, sound,
wind, etc — at particle level, selected when you take this
ability. As a stunt, you gain a 2 bonus when creating
advantages with the energy type using any skill.
Invoke: To affect energy in your zone, plus 1 zone per
fate point; damage, destroy, or manipulate objects
operating with or affected by that energy.
Compel: To inadvertently interrupt or distort energy in
your vicinity, adversely affecting equipment or betray-
ing your presence.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
Gain a +2 Rapport bonus to overcome and create advan-
tage actions against susceptible (usually organic) targets in
the same zone.
Invoke: To distract, seduce, or enrage targets; gain an
advantage when dealing with targets or avoiding them.
Compel: To have people react strongly to you at incon-
venient moments.
Costs 1 stunt
Your attack (usually Unarmed Combat) also creates a
Poisoned-type situation aspect.
Costs 1 stunt
You can control a target’s actions, effectively making it into
a temporary extra. It’s a Will vs Will contest; on a success,
your target incurs a Possessed-type aspect, invoked to block
its actions or compelled to make it behave as you wish.
Actions the target takes under your control are automati-
cally at Mediocre (
0) skill level. Physical versions of this
ability require you to touch the target.
Costs 2 stunts
You can project one form of energy — heat, cold, elec-
tricity, radiation, sonic, etc — specified when you take
this ability. Gain a +2 bonus to Ranged Combat attacks
with this energy; successful attacks also gain a weapon:2
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 bonus to rolls where quick reactions are impor-
tant, including initiative (page 151) and dodging.
Costs 1 aspect
You can rapidly regenerate tissue to recover from wounds.
Invoke: To automatically succeed at recovery obstacles,
or reduce the time required to recover from a conse-
quence by one step.
Compel: To be forced to rest whenever you are regen-
Costs 2 stunts
You can trap other beings using webs, goo, pheromones,
compulsion fields, domination fields, etc — specify one
when you select this ability. Gain a +2 Unarmed Combat
or Ranged Combat bonus to create Ensnared-type advan-

Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 bonus to movement actions where speed is a factor.
Requires Expert Climber
Costs 1 stunt
Gain a +2 Athletics bonus to make great climbs (upside
down, on ceilings, etc).
Costs 2 stunts
Gain a +2 Physique bonus for strength-related rolls, and a
weapon:2 rating on Unarmed or Melee Combat attacks.
Costs 1 aspect, 1 stunt
Decide if these supplement or replace your normal limbs;
as an enhancement, they’re usually additional, while
mechanical and natural mods replace. As a stunt, gain a
+2 Melee Combat bonus to create advantage actions.
Invoke: To immobilise targets, reach into hard-to-get
areas, appear threatening and intimidating, make sur-
prising and flexible moves.
Compel: To be instantly noticeable, flail around clum-
sily, have difficulty using standard equipment.
Requires synthetic or alien genotype permission
Costs 1 aspect
You can reconfigure your physical form within broad
Invoke: To reconfigure your physical form, shrinking
and expanding up to 50%, changing your superficial
appearance: face, limb length, number of joints, size
of torso, chassis, hull, etc. You can’t become more or
less massive, but you can become thinner, bulkier,
more aerodynamic. This can give you a Variform aspect
appropriate to your assumed form. You can also hide or
reveal your other enhancements. It takes 1 exchange
to change form, plus an additional exchange for any
enhancement to be hidden or revealed.
Compel: To suddenly alter form in response to emotion
or stimulus; to not have a piece of equipment, limb,
ability, etc, instantly available when you need it.


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